We caters to all Tax requirements by providing FTA ( Federal Tax Authority) compliant VAT Services; In order capacity as duly licensed Tax Consultant by Government of Dubai.

As per Federal Decree Law No (8) of 2017 with effect from 01/01/2018 Registration for VAT is mandatory for Businesses where annual revenues is AED. 375000/- or if you feel voluntary Registration- If the annual revenue is lower than AED. 375,000/-but may fetch the same in near future. Our range of services includes:

  • VAT Registration
  • Filing of VAT Return with FTA
  • Submission of Disclosures
  • Tax Payments
  • Tax Hearings
  • Refund Requests
  • Ensure that updates compliance to avoid fine, penalties by FTA
  • Coordinate and Represent client on Tax Audit
  • De registration


Indirect tax levied on import & production of certain specific goods in UAE is introduced . This tax was introduced to cut down the consumption of goods/components which may be detrimental to health & environment items brought under the ambit of excise tax are Tobacco, Sugary and Energy Drinks.

Federal Law (7) of 2017 with effect from 01 st September 2019 the list of such items/goods are started

ESR (Economic Substance Regulation)

We assist Business Entities to be compliant with ESR Regulation as stipulated by the Competent Authority. As per the Cabinet Ministers Resolution 31 of 30 th April 2019, it requires all In- Scope UAE Entities (Relevant Entities) that carry on certain activities ( Relevant Activities) to have demonstrable economic substance. It applies to all UAE on shore, Off Shore and Free Zone Companies . Government Entities are excluded.

Activities corresponding to this include; Banking, Insurance, Investments, Shipping, Intellectual Property, Distribution, Service Centers, Holding companies, Head Quarter UAE being a signatory to the Organization of Economic Cooperation Development, under this, all licensed business should provide the Regulatory Authority on an Annual basis; Notify the Regulatory Authority with the required information with effect from 01 st January 2020.