Pay Roll Process

Many Organizations realize the importance of maintaining the confidentiality on salaries and perks they pay to their Employees mainly for their Senior Managers hence opt for Out sourcing the tasks to Third Parties like us who posses the required tools and skills to undertake these tasks.

Other advantages are to maintain the accuracy of the data and to held a professional agency responsible for the process. Another concern for many corporate entities are their in ability to meet the process deadlines and to ensure that the process are WPS compliant.

The payroll processing is generally undertaken, either by using You Own Solution Or by using Our In house Solution and or by using our Hosting Infrastructure/ application based over seas, depending upon the number and size of manpower you deal with.

We always ensure that we adopt a more effective and efficient approach to pay roll processing thus adding values to your Organizations procedures/standards. Our procedures are WPS compliant and the forms and reports are generated bearing this fact in mind as required by each Bank/Finance or Exchange House. Our service includes liaison with Bank/Exchange Houses for the preparation of file, its timely dispatch etc in order to confirm timely remittance without compromising the deadlines.

Pay Roll Administration & Management Integration of Pay Roll with Financial Reports

The Process in Short:

Preparation and Creation of HR & Payroll Master Data; viz-

Employee Database- Incorporating Personal Information, Legal documentation and update; Viz Passport, Labor Contract, Labor Card, Visa, Emoluments & Entitlements, Provisions, Funds, Advances, Deductions, Increments, Terminal benefits, Non cash benefits- C2C allocation etc to match with monthly costs which is required for Accounting/MIS information.